Whoever said that…

…money doesn’t make the world go round, or that it doesn’t bring happiness, or that it’s less important than love and health- is a big fat liar! Money SO makes things work, and I’d be happy beyond words if only I had more money.

As it is, I had to fork out over almost 2 grand for my auto insurance this afternoon, plus road tax. The worst part was that I had completely forgotten about renewing it, and so, it came as a nasty surprise when the agent contacted me and told me it had expired- and lo and behold, it had! Sigh. I’m also suffering financially- the after-effects of a 4-day holiday with Hubs and Bubs recently. Accommodation, food, toll charges, some shopping. Argh!!!

I love money. I wish I had more of it. I could be so much happier if I had a little more money- then Hubs and I wouldn’t have to fight all the time about it too. And- I can finally have that second baby I’d been dreaming about for such a long time… It sucks when you have to put on hold trying for a second child just because you think you’re too broke to feed another one….