Commercial houses

Hubs and I took E to the Kizsports Gym & Playland in Bangsar Village II on Monday, during the Deepavali public holiday. It was early still (well, relatively), about 11 a.m. Traffic was smooth. We were due to meet Charlie, Shen & baby Gavin there for a few hours of riotous fun.

I love the state of our roads on public holidays. Generally clear. It feels nice to be able to whiz past and not worry about a bumper-to-bumper crawl.

I love the houses along the Jalan Bangsar stretch, from the Bangsar Shopping Centre all the way through to Jalan Telawi. A lot of them have been converted into commercial units, luxurious street-front bungalows housing clothes boutiques, to Samsonite luggage, to a ‘sleep shop’ selling mattresses and bedding. Rental must cost a bomb, though. I always wonder if they make enough money to pay rental.

My parents’ home is also on a main road front, in PJ. A few bungalows along their row have already been snapped up and converted into commercial bungalows. One is a property development company. Another is a kindergarten. I keep telling them that they should put their home onto the market as a commercial lot and make some serious money.

But they’re so sentimental about moving homes. I grew up in that house. We’ve had it for over 30 years. My dad, especially, is a stickler for habit and constancy and his familiar surroundings. They’d cry if they had to move.