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In a fit of anger…

I am sick and tired of things around here. Why won’t you see how our marriage is falling apart? Do you know how unhappy I am each day? That you expect for me to work, care for our child exclusively, and keep our home clean and tidy? I don’t know for how long more I am able to keep this up- because frankly, I am getting tired of your shit and empty promises. I have decided to stop nagging at you, in the hopes that you’d “do the right thing”- but you take that as a sign of liberation, that I have softened up, so instead of “doing the right thing”, you throw all cares to the wind. Sometimes, I look at the 5 coffee cups in our sink (1 for each working day of the week), and I have to stop myself from washing them. We had this arrangement. We promised to help each other with the chores, around the house. You would wash your own coffee cups after you were done. Is that so fucking hard to do? Over Christmas, you told me that¬†Nixon watches¬†were on sale, and that you were going to buy one for me. Frankly, I don’t give a damn. I don’t want a new watch, I want a husband who loves me and helps me and supports me, who is a team with me. I want a husband who doesn’t take me for granted, who treats me like an equal, and who doesn’t put me into the home-maker/mother/traditional feminine role. For a woman who is the breadwinner of our family (because you can’t provide), you’re sure getting a hell of a deal. So you think you’re so smart? Wait a few more months. We’ll see then who’s smart.

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