Flaunt it if you’ve got it

By that, it usually means, your physicality. Or your things. But flaunting is not the same as going over the top. Flaunting is not done with arrogance, but with a sense of confidence in your beauty and what you have. Sometimes, flaunting makes you feel special when you attract some attention. But a particular local artiste’s wedding reception a few weeks ago made Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles look blah…

With a themed Arabian nights reception, oodles and oodles of flowers, a 5-tier wedding cake that looked like candy-coloured cushions, about half a million RM spent on catering, and another 700,000 on the event alone, guests dressed as sexy belly dancers after having swallowed oodles of fat burners (to look svelte), sheikhs and Princess Jasmine and Aladdin, Mawi’s wedding reception (he of the Akademi Fantasia season 3 fame) with Nora’asikin Rahmat (better known as Ekin) at the Palace of the Golden Horses on 11 Jan 2009 was an event unsurpassed and unrivalled even by royalty in Malaysia. (Check out yesterday’s, 19 Jan 2009 The Star, Section 2).

With a reported RM5.5 million paid by Astro to cover this spectacular event, one can’t help but to feel slightly nauseated at the lavishness and sumptuous wealth exhibited. This once Felda-settlement boy, got his lucky break by winning the 3rd season of Akademi Fantasia (I googled all this information, I don’t follow this stuff) and within a few years, became a millionnaire ten times over. With two other equally lavish wedding receptions held prior to the last reception in POGH, one wonders, where the fuck did this money come from?

Of course, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime thing and if one has the financial resources, by all means, go ahead and make it as grand as you can. But this seemed like a cruel joke to me. A public figure as he is, with a seemingly endless pool of wealth, should realize that they are in the public’s eye: be subtly lavish, by all means, but in reasonable doses. Most people in our country would never see the amount of money spent (on the wedding receptions) in their lifetime plus 3 generations more! 

Even the royal folks, with all their wealth, take greater pains to think about the image they are projecting to their people. Be sensitive lah. His fan base, by assumption, demographically comes from the lower-income group: what kind of message is being sent forth? It’s ok, people- when you become super rich like me, spend like there’s no tomorrow! Better yet, pull in the favours, get your sponsors! It pays to spend as much money as possible… Recession? Where got lah? Our country is still booming and doing great! If you can’t become rich like me, too bad lah. So who’s going to help these folks when the downturn hits bad? Not him, for damned sure.

With the global economic downturn and the unavoidable impending hit of recession in our local economy in the forthcoming months, we should be conserving our wealth, preparing for hard times ahead. Spend if you must, but be reasonable lah, right?

 It pained me to think of all the obscene amount of money being spent, and the thousands and thousands of hungry mouths that could’ve been fed. And I’m also putting on record that the crazy rich Arabs of Manchester City Football Club could do better with their 175 million pounds offered for super footballer Kaka, to support war-torn countries like Palestin, or feed hungry children in third world countries.