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Master Project DIY Jewelry

I’ve been pretty hyped up about making my own jewelry recently, after having purchased a few beautiful pieces from several online jewelry sellers. These are handmade, mind you, so they cost quite a fair bit.

My daughter has been fascinated with my new jewelry and has asked me to buy her some so that she can wear it too. The thought of having to spend more money on jewelry for a 3-year old was absurd to me, so I came up with Master Project Jewelry DIY. And it made sense to me: I love jewelry, all kinds- especially vintage and semi-precious gemstones. And I’d spent heaps of money collecting rare gemstones over the past few years (and never wearing them because I felt they were too precious!). It made sense for me to therefore think about making my own jewelry, and the idea of going wild and creating anything I wanted was extremely appealing.

So I searched the net and found the contact of a local girl who conducted Jewelry Making classes. We exchanged several emails and I confirmed that I wanted to join her class beginning in February 2009: however, her only stipulation was that she needed a minimum of 4 people before she would begin classes, and I was the first sign-up. So the waiting begins, and I’m impatient: if no one else signs up, the classes won’t take off. So I’m praying hard.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading up a lot on the net about making my own jewelry and watching tutorials on Youtube as well as various blogs and sites dedicated to jewelry making. In a rush of confidence, I decided that I would make my daughter’s necklace on my own! I had come across a local website that sold beading supplies, while googling for bead and jewelry suppliers in KL, and this was the perfect place, carrying over 2000 types of products for jewelry making. So I purchased some wires, a set of tools for jewelry making, findings (findings are stuff and materials used to make, say, an ear-ring, like earring wires or earring posts: bails are the stuff that you hang a pendant from, jumprings, headpins, clasps, etc), some self storage boxes, and lots of Swarovski crystal beads, pearls and pendants, as well as some other sterling silver and antiqued brass components- this is an excellent site, by the way. They delivered my items to me the very next day, and today, I am expecting another delivery of stones and beads. I downloaded some free tutorials, a guide to choosing the right beads, some articles, etc. I checked out jewelry designs, some beaders’ blogs, etc. I learnt a lot in these few days… I know for a fact that the proper techniques will take some getting used to and it won’t be easy for a beginner like me, but I’m certain I can make a very simple pair of ear-rings at least. And how hard can making a necklace be? I already have a pendant, I just need to fix the bail on and maybe make a loop, and I’ve also purchased a few feet of antiqued brass and silver chains for making necklaces and bracelets. 

This is not going to be easy, but I’m determined to whiz through this new project. My first project will therefore be my daughter’s necklace, which I intend to fashion out of a Swarovski crystal heart. It’s going to be painful, for damned sure, and definitely frustrating, but I’m going to try to make this necklace on my own by referencing to free online tutorials and Youtube videos. *grin*

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