A jungle out there

It’s a fucking jungle out there. I kid you not. Welcome to the real world, people. Things aren’t always as they appear to be. Take off your rose-tinted spectacles and have a look at the ugly side of things for once. I hate to sound like such a pessimist (I am neither), but you must understand that a true optimist can only become what he or she has become by understanding pessimism. I say a true optimist becomes such after having weathered immense pain and suffering, and then deciding once and for all to take life into his or her own hands, to take the high road and be victorious and glorious in the face of all obstacles. Get caught in moth traps maybe, but who gives a damn? I’m an optimist, so I will persevere and will forevermore be successful if I work hard enough. But when you’ve had enough of failing despite your hardest work and most trying efforts, have a cup of coffee and tell me then if you’re still an optimist.