Sell out

I’m not a rich person. I have to save up my money to buy the things I like. And I like a LOT of pretty things, which means, I sometimes go hungry just so I can save up for the Panerai¬†that I really, really, really want…

Some extra cash would be nice. So I started blogging for money, writing assignments, and stuff about 2 years ago. I’ve made a tidy little sum of money. It’s not very much, and I don’t have direct access to it because it’s in Pay Pal- which is also good, because if it’s not so readily available, I’d probably spend less. But it’s nice to know I do have some side income stashed away in USD. It was the monies from my writing assignments that enabled me to purchase my Tivoli PM. *grin*

That aside, it has become somewhat of a ‘chore’, rather than a sense of passion about writing, that I write these days mainly to earn some extra cash, or because I just need to vent, or because I’ve been told I need to update my blogs. On a good day blogging, I can probably earn up to US$50. But then, time is also a factor. And sometimes, I get so many writing assignments that I can’t possibly finish them by the deadlines, so I have to decline them.

But now, I’ve decided that I will start writing again, simply because I want to. Because I’m passionate about it. I’ll try not to worry about the cash so much. I started my own website¬†simply because it would’ve been an avenue for me to post my writing works, and then I became a sell-out and started writing for money on it and also airing out my dirty linen in public, on it…. and then sometimes I feel sad because I know I’m not as great a writer as the many there are out there.

But what the fuck, right, negative thinking never got anyone anywhere. I just need to find some way to make this work.