I’ve not been anything but scorching hot
Soared with passions all aflame
But when he gently let me down, told me
This is not a rejection”- (but it was!)
To tepid. Then to Cool again.
It was like this as I recall
My emotions, registering on Richter,
Rippling on the equator
And I thought my life would never be the same.
I don’t know why I thought he liked me
Just, perhaps the way I felt for him
And certainly he never said as much,
Maintaining his cool calm composure of perfection
Which I now just completely loathe
And wish I could shake him until all his teeth rattled
In his head like dice, and make battle.
And after Cool then came his calls, fast and furious
And burnt those feelings inside me curious
For a short moment I felt at peace
No more infinite alone as I watch the hot wax
Trickle down the spine of the candle stand
A naked soul, clinging desperately to my sanity
I breached all code of ethical longing
And bared my heart to him……a stupid fool.
I sacrificed my bread, my water and love
To the generous heat and cold blizzards of a man
Who has not known his own reality.
I wish to pluck the arrows of his brows
That beat heavily upon his lovely eyes, his lovely nose
That fall upon the bronzed streak of his lovely cheek
And kiss him with such tenement, then Cool again.
Seeking out an essentially unknowable other world
The man that is this Other World
In full possession of my human faculties
It is not true, as I have told
My love blows hot and then blows cold
For I have not been anything but scorching hot
Soared with passions all aflame
But now… tepid. Then to Cool again.