Home Improvement (3)

I had last decided that I would fix up the bathrooms in our home first. I spent some weekdays after work and during the weekends when Hubs had to work, scouting around some shops for some decently-priced bathroom fixtures. I had dreams of tearing out our entire bathroom tiles and humongous bath-tub, replaced by a sleek shower screen, beautiful shiny Moen faucets, pristine-white His and Her square sinks, and a new snow-white porcelain WC with a proper porcelain cistern. And finally, to get rid of the bloody leaks that irked me everytime I walked into the wet toilets. But this would be a big job, one requiring just more than talking and dreaming- this one would require big bucks and Husband just wasn’t keen on spending this at the moment. 

I’d done some minor clean-ups for daughter’s en-suite bathroom. The leak was irreparable for now (by myself, at least) and I resigned myself to having to call in the plumber. I had already spotted a new action-pump heater that I wanted to buy to install in daughter’s bathroom, and the burgundy-coloured porcelain WC was to be replaced by a new white one, with a fanciful toilet cover for daughter’s enjoyment. I bought some cartoon stickers to be stuck onto the bathroom tiles, so that she would take more pleasure in bath-times and perhaps stop screaming everytime I tried to wash her hair.

I have to admit, though- that home improvement projects take a lot more than wanting… You must be prepared to slave away like a labourer for it, and if you want to continuously save money, like me, you’ll try to fix everything yourself- sometimes with disastrous consequences. 

I’ve resorted to taking my showers and washing up in daughter’s bathroom, simply because I can’t stand the bloody leak in our master bedroom en-suite bathroom. I know, it’s pathetic. At least I have the sunny yellow ducks to look at while I wash my hair.