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Twilight Madness

I first heard of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series some time before it became popular here. I remember MPH in early 2008 displaying the 4 books of the series, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and I was intrigued. I leafed through several pages, but didn’t buy it then as I had not planned for it. At the MPH Warehouse Sale in Bandar Utama in mid-2008, the books were only going for RM30 per piece- a steal. I remember bundling them into the box I was lugging around in the warehouse- but there were no copies of Breaking Dawn left. If you know me well enough, I HATE to start on a series and not have the complete set. It’s like going for a mani-pedi without a foot scrub or adding on nail colour, know what I mean? Doing things in halves, that’s what I mean. I am eccentric that way. So I chucked the books back simply because I couldn’t get Breaking Dawn.

Then last year, I finally bought the whole series, and man, when Twilight craze hit town, it hit town big! I remember that most bookstores had SOLD OUT on the books- I encountered many people wanting to buy the books, but couldn’t because there were none left- and I smirked and thought as I paid for my purchasers,Hahaha, I got it! Yes, childish. I know.

Objectively, though, Stephanie Meyer is a mediocre writer with an incredibly vivid romanticized imagination of vampires and werewolves. Her prose is ordinary, and there are full of anti-feminist, damsel in distress references with regards to Bella and who could forget the romantic cliches that sometimes want to make you groan, and let’s be serious here, a vampire in love with a mortal- how many times have we seen that? But Stephenie Meyer is still brilliant, because in all her simplicity, she reaches out for your heart with a warm hand and tells you, “This is my story.” She made me root for the star-crossed lovers. Perhaps, towards the end, in Breaking Dawn, the plot got a little too weird and perhaps slightly nonsensical but still….I couldn’t stop reading it.

I raced through the 4 books in 2 days. I remember picking up Twilight one morning after E had woken up (about 10 am), and I was done with it by the time she was ready to take her afternoon nap (about  3 pm) with short breaks in between for cooking lunch and showers. Twilight blew me away for mainly one reason: Edward Cullen, the beautiful, ‘sparkly’ (I’ve heard numerous jibes about a sparkly vampire!), alabaster-white, copper-eyed, insanely and devastatingly handsome vampire who held the key to Bella Swan’s heart- the most beautiful character to grace any book I’ve read. I think I fell in love with Edward that morning, which explained the reason why I couldn’t put the book down. I didn’t like New Moon, the 2nd book as much, simply because (SPOILER ALERT) there was less Edward in there, but I remember my heart jumping with delight when he re-appeared towards the end of the book- for some reason, I could not connect with Jacob Black, the Quilete werewolf who was also Bella Swan’s best friend.

But it was definitely Edward who won my heart, “unconditionally” and “irrevocably”. For days after I had finished the books, I walked around in a daze, dreaming of a beautiful man with a golden ethereal sheen about him, with porcelain-like alabaster-white skin and brilliant and deep soulful copper eyes. I told my BFF that I had fallen in love with him. And she scoffed and went, “Hmph, woman- you need to get OUT of the house more often!”

But yes…. at heart, I’m still probably 16 years old. In love with the character of a vampire from a work of fiction. How dumb is that? Ah well…. Perhaps it was the sexual and romantic tension between Edward and Bella- the kind that I was all too familiar with when I was younger, the titilating factor of infatuation bordering on a slightly-obsessive type of love. The dangerous edge of romance. Whatever. And I still have not watched the movie yet, although I am inclined to think that Robert Pattinson who had been cast as Edward Cullen, is almost perfect for the role.

Talk about my obsession with the saga, or with Edward or the books! What I also really desired was the beautiful jewellery described in the books, and from the still pictures of the movie that I saw. I particularly coveted Bella’s bracelet, the one with Edward’s crystal heart and Jacob’s wood wolf charms. And I also loved Rosalie’s and Alice’s Cullen family crest choker, worn in the movies by these actresses. So for several days, I scoured the Internet looking for Twilight-inspired jewellery….and I found the perfect ones from Etsy.

So now I’m an authentic Twilighter. Complete with jewellery and all.

And how much did I spend on these one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery? Quite a fair bit (after currency conversion and shipping), but oh, so worth it!  

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