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To be Bella

That’s right, go ahead and yawn… I’m still not done with my Twilight craze. Over the Chinese New Year holidays, I watched Twilight another 3 times. I’ve practically memorized the script. And each time I watch it, I swear that I could be Bella deep down… It’s got to a point where I’m almost embarassed (and afraid of giving Husband an inferiority complex) of watching Twilight when Husband is around. So when Hubs and Hubs nap in the afternoon, I forgo a cool afternoon slumber between the sheets, to sit downstairs in a darkened living room, Twilight on the DVD player.

Of course it’s because of Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson! And in case I haven’t said it enough- I am completely in love with their unorthodox romance. It’s like watching Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in the X-Files series, you’re just rooting for them to be together. And you want them to be together. And because they are, you’re contented.

And bloody hell- of course I want to be Bella! So I went onto Etsy again and bought Bella’s moonstone ring, and Bella’s turquoise bracelet…. Having Bella’s ring and Bella’s bracelet does not make me Bella, but still, I can dream and pretend… and I do have a rather wild and vivid imagination when it is required of me…

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