About the most idiotic thing I’d ever done

I deleted my own blog. Without thinking twice before I hit the “Enter” key. In my head, I only saw that I was deleting “From Flabulous to Fabulous”- a newborn blog I had started a few weeks ago, and then decided today that it was too tiring to go on chronicling. So I logged on to Blogger- and mind you, I have 3 separate blogs under this system.

In what I can only describe a moment or fit of insanity (or clouded judgment), I thought I had clicked “Delete this blog” in reference to “From Flabulous to Fabulous”. The sad truth was that I was deleting “The Rantings of the Ravenous Loving Retail Therapy”, a blog I had kept from 2006 and which was being updated on a regular basis- a familiar friend I sought comfort in. I took pains with “Rantings”, I customized music for it, I applied a beautiful new layout. In short, “Rantings” was the most regular blog I had kept, besides this one.

I realized the error after I got re-directed to the Dashboard, and saw “Flabulous” still there. Then it dawned on me- that I had killed my baby inadvertently.I’m heart-broken. I think of all the hard work I had put into “Rantings”. I know that I will NEVER be able to recover what is lost. Because of my careless stupidity, I had let go of a ‘friend’ who had been there for me- to vent, to write, to sing and dance and be happy or stupid or melancholic. 

I feel like crying now…