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The Writing Course

I signed up for a comprehensive creative writing course with the Writers Bureau of the UK a month ago. I finally got down to doing something like this for myself. It’s an online program, very flexible- I can take my own time to finish the assignments (30 in all), so long as it is done within 4 years from enrolment. D-uh!Anyway, the first question of Assignment One I had to answer was why I wanted to write, and why I signed up for the course. Here it is…I’ve reproduced it below:-

I want to write, or rather, I write, simply because I have a burning passion for writing. For as long as I can remember, it is the most natural way I have of releasing the thoughts in my head- onto paper. I find myself to be more eloquent, more expressive and more in tune with my thought-processes when I write. I am quite an expressive person- but even so, there are circumstances in which I find myself incapable of expressing my thoughts or feelings. Now, I want to write to earn a second income because I think I can (with proper guidance to improve my basic skills). I want to write because this vocation chose me.

I write to diffuse complicated situations, to tell someone I love him or her, or to allow my sincerity to show itself. Most people believe me in earnest when I write- they may not necessarily do so when I say the same things in person (a theory). When I write, it provides me with a means of escapism from the daily humdrum of my life, and it takes me to a place where I can be fearless and truly free. I try not to care what people think of my writing: it is just my way. It is just me.

However, I have enrolled for this course, because I feel that it is now possible for me to become a true writer- not the type who writes in secret and selfishly devours her own words. When I was a child, I was always appalled whenever my father found discarded portions of my writings littered in the study room; I was embarrassed that another person had seen my thoughts penned on paper- it had seemed deeply intimate. For many years, I battled with myself to keep writing in the hope that someday, someone would appreciate what I had to say.

I am now ready, and I hope that completing this course will guide me towards my childhood dream: to teach me the fundamentals of creative writing, to manouevre and improve my writing skills, to challenge my imagination and beliefs, to allow me a glimpse into the literary world, and to reinforce my confidence and belief that I am not a bad writer, that anything is possible with the right guidance, effort, belief and practice. 

I have had the strangest, nagging feeling that being who I am now, is not what was intended for me. By this, I mean my occupation, my means of earning a livelihood. Deep within the recesses of my heart, I always hoped and believed that I would be a published writer, that it was written in the stars and that I would have a job that truly inspired and completed me.

In the years to come, I aspire to become a respected, published writer, looked at as one who has braved all obstacles to achieve her dreams. I want to create camaraderie with my writings, the opening of a new avenue of imagination taking flight and forming words. I yearn for that sweet state of release, unleashing with ardent fervour onto the world, what I had wanted to say, all these years.  

March 24, 2009 - 5:44 am Shen-Li - Oh, yes, I almost forgot - I've just tagged you:

March 24, 2009 - 5:44 am Shen-Li - Hey, that's great! I've been toying with the idea of signing up for a writer's course, too, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. How is it? I saw it on the Writing Magazine but haven't signed up yet.

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