In all you can be. I’ve started reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne- I bought it when it was hit the bookstores, a huge deal and all that was. And as my life became progressively more cluttered, more chaotic and less fulfilling, I chucked it into the deep recesses of one of my book shelves. Lately, though- I decided to give it a shot, and I picked it up. Because so many have sworn by it, believed in it, almost with the same reverence as religion. And to a certain extent, it is religion- because it is rooted in a set of belief values. Which is, sadly, what I am deeply lacking in.The first chapter was skimmed through in 10 minutes, and I thought, wow, why didn’t I pick this up earlier? I have been going at that same first chapter, re-reading it over and over, taking in every single thing about it. What is hardest to do, though, is not reading the book- but believing in what you’re reading, and that you have the power to compel change within yourself.Am I the only one who believes in destiny and fate, and that our lives are pre-determined on a cosmic level? As I sit down and hanker out this piece on my laptop, I still do believe in that. And that one shred of belief, in an intangible thing, already showed me that I am capable of believing.