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Be Still, My Beating Heart

Be still, my beating heart
Like the magnimous Bastille
You loom and tower, dry as a bone
A great, hulking figure in red
You whistle softly in the wind.
Gone, the sweet taste of rapture
Beneath the jewels of my tongue
My thirst for you is hunger unsatiated.
I want to devour you- your hair, your eyes, your mouth
Lift that curtained veil from your face
There is sweat on your brow
Ssh- my spinning top is silent.
Let us take flight one day
On a night when only ghosts meet
We fall from the sky like shooting stars
Sparkle, glitter, shine
This will ever more be ours.
Be still, my beating heart
Trump me with a cigar
And smoke fills my eyes
This indulgence stands alone.

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