Musician’s note: Another 9-year old piece, yet to see the daylight of publishing/production.

Sourcing his heart’s contents one night
As we sat quietly in the breezy light
The memories of his past seemed to haunt his time
Dredging up those earthy feelings sublime
He said, What can I do
If she didn’t love me true
Betraying all that he gave
All his vibrant dreams and faith
All I can say, all I can say

I dreamt of a vision once, of him
A thundering boom in the dream burst so heavenly
In soaking rain and on the muddy creeks
Clinging on, holding like a desperate weed
Tell him feel no regret
Still the running streams in his head
In slumbers deep and free
Cradled through all eternity
All I can say, all I can say

Wake him up from this blasphemy
Words penetrate into his creed
Retaliation of no concern
Just let the feelings burn
Maybe it’s just him rising so tenderly
Speaking to his heart, he does not rush

Balking along the lane that day
If he only knew his girl would go astray
Thrust all her daggers cold at him
If only she knew she didn’t deserve him either way
Leave her out here in the dark
Take an evening stroll in the park

If only he’d take my hand
I could lead him far from this pain
All I can say, all I can say