Some say that
Finding the romance of your lifetime
Is to first adjudicate the likes
Of giving yourself a full-hearted hug
Without the animosities of force
Nor the drudgeries of the canals they dug
Way back in olden Italia
Whereon a bridge there used to perch a canary
Tweeting all mightily
But he was just an insignificant little fallacy.

Some say that
Finding the dreams of your own reality
Is to first light hot, grapefruit-scented candles
And watch the wax trickle down your palm
Your lips will tingle, in a like psalm
And you murmur the Lord’s Prayer
With the profound expertise of a soothsayer
And as the oils begin to spread
The gracious fumes upon your head
You find that you sacrificed your bread.

Some say that
Our love, it sways itself with the wind
In generous heat and in blizzards cold
I dare not speak, my feigned lips have told
Momentous occasion- you gave me this Ring
It dispels the lengthy orbs of suffering
Whisper eternal fantasies found with pleasure
Watch the sunlight fade forever
Whereon we sat perched on the verandah
Two naked souls, clinging weeds of surrender.

Some say that
The thirty perfections of your inner soul
Can only reach forth the darkest holes
Wherein sad old men, they used to sit
Smoke a pipe, play chess and read
Hence comes along a riff-raff creature
Who tosses a coin and moves the checkers
Irritation! To have the unwanted interruption
While we contemplate spirits of the Netherworld
And sing a lullaby- it becomes a dream of Pearls.