Dance on a metaphor
In the bass of the moon
Complete mercenary, you are the cherub of my heart.
The pentagram lies within a circle
The crucification of your own thoughts
Are infirmities and contradictions.
Dance on a sea serpent with its long tentacles
No, its glittery scales gleam in the sun
Like green glazed tiles of a temple’s roof.
I admire much the Salvador Dali
Such realism in the imperfections of this world
“The temptation of St. Anthony”!
“My naked wife watching her body become Steps”.
The telephone rings and the boy with the long hair
Stands behind me in a striped tee shirt
It draws on verticals of blues and somber grey
Like the fading light in the dust-filled sky
Which makes inhabitants cough and sneeze themselves to death
Oh, much worse than pollen
Dance on juxtaposition, my love
Our love child sleeps in her wreath of flowers.