Oh, let thy Psyche form one love
Which Elysium hath ye known
In deepest grass springs sweets of clove
Hast thou, my dear heart, ever mown?

Old ditties sung in humble essay
Music’s warmth, oh, clear lucidity
Wherein this maiden, unseen; she prays
For eternal bliss, religion of alchemy.

Tears of diamond, crystal drops
Paleness enclouds melodious tombs
Of deep dark memories on mountain top
Cuts deep her heart, flowers are no bloom.

Fennels and columbines, yea, infidelity
Thou hast destroyed the age of innocence
But rue and herb of grace, yea, properly
Thou hast shown thy holy repentance.

So, listen, my love, to ditties sung
Of love and marriage, quadrille divine
For if the passing bell is rung
Then I, thy love, turn dust, faint fine.

Larded with sweet blossoms
Wept over graves and lilies unblown
Oh, how I love thee, even lonesome
To me, the wonder hast flown.

Nay, our love shall never depart more
In aged quietude, remote tranquility
In ponderous beauty shalt shine and glow
The unsating kiss that breeds felicity.

Oh, love, hast thou felt so content
In thine depth of heart infests the bloom
Hath led thee to sweet, immortal bent
Nay, never enter such richness gloom.

Thy inner soul springs forth a spray
Of blizzard dreams, as true they may.