Ode From A Psychopath

Note: This piece was written by an old friend of mine, and I completely loved it. A collaboration ensued, I wrote music for this, and it became my first single in the indie album, Boys & Girls: 1+1=3 back in 1996.

There are dark things and dark minds
But none darker is the love I bear for you
The passion, coloured like deep burgundy wine
The tint of the blood that throbs
Within my mind, body, soul, my heart
Throbbing with my black, black
boiling passion, my unrequited love for you.

There is a method in all madness
Order and Plan;
My madness reads like a book.
The first chapter contains the moment
when I first saw you
standing against the light, casting your shadow
on my shaded being-
that is how I best picture you:
A dark creature that will darken others.
The second is on how I heard
a loud drumming in my temple
Till my heart almost failed-
It was my pounding pulse that did this
that, and your visionary beauty.

The third, and all that will follow
Is how I decided, that you
My sublime, my darkling faun
should never know my desire
And that I should poison my soul
With the love that I harbour for you.
With love will method be destroyed
With love will I in my true madness
Believe that you must die.