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So I’ve gone ahead and done it, although I told myself before it wouldn’t be worth it for my use: I don’t run a business, I hadn’t yet figured out how I would increase traffic to my blogs, and sure, I blog, but only so much as time permits me. So why get my own domain name? Isn’t it expensive? I’m not a super Internet mogul running a multi-million dollar business from home (although it is a nice thought that I could be doing that someday, given the opportunities). I’m a lowly, aspiring writer. I like to write.

But because of all these, just because I’m an aspiring writer, and I like to write, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me. US$15 per year is nothing compared to the pride I see in my URL: with my name embedded firmly in it. It doesn’t matter if I’m lousy at HTML, or don’t understand what things to RSS feed…I can learn all that. And because I love WordPress so much, I’m so glad this blog, MY blog, with MY domain name, is powered by WordPress. So that makes my work easier.

Eventually, I hope to move all the posts from my other blogs (see blogroll) to this one. We’ll see how that goes, since that is going to be a tedious and long process. I may be too lazy after a few days.

In the meantime…I’ve arrived, o’ earthly creatures.

Sophea T. Amari


thanks, shen! yeah, i know…i’ll have to learn and see what else i can do with this…:) thanks!


Hey Pins – glad to hear it. You can do a LOT more things with wordpress now that you have your own domain. I didn’t even realise it myself. There are loads of plugins that will also help you build traffic to your site.

Regarding your old blog posts – you can import blogger. Just go to “write post” in your dashboard and click on the “import” tab in the menu.


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