The “F” word

By the “F” word, I mean THAT “F” word. The one that means “to copulate”.

I think children have an innane ability to store things, in particular, words, they hear in their little computer-like memories. It’s like a huge recess with lots of tiny compartments with different labels. E.G. words I’ve heard once; words I will probably use later as an adult; words that are forbidden, because my Mommy says “Oops!” after she says them and claps her hands over her mouth, and the likes. I wonder, though, when they decide to open up these compartments and use these words in storage. Is it a chemical reaction that triggers in their brain, prompting them to do so? Go ahead, try it out and roll it on your tongue. See how you like it. It’s my guess as much as yours.

My daughter said the “F” word several times the other day. My husband and I were shocked, to say the least. We kept silent, and she repeated it several times. She hummed in the car, stood up on my lap and tapped her father on the shoulder (he was driving). And she said the “F” word and grinned from cheek to cheek.

Come on, you old foggies. What are you gonna do ’bout that? Her smile seemed to be mocking us.

We kept silent. I wanted to laugh, but I was also shocked that she had used the “F” word. I quietly scolded my husband under my breath. I peeked at him and saw that he had stuffed part of his t-shirt into his mouth because he wanted to laugh too.

I finally told my daughter, “No, you cannot say that word. It is a bad word“. She smiled in glee and said it again. I vowed to keep my mouth shut and act indifferent. It seemed to work. When she saw that her uttering the “F” word no longer amused or incited shock in us, she stopped.

Are we terrible parents┬ábecause we’d allowed our daughter to use the “F” word, our daughter who is not even the ripe ol’ age of 2 years? We’re terrible parents for sure to have used the “F” word in her presence before. I’m quite sure we’re going straight to Hell for this.