Confessions of a Shopaholic

*Own it. Own it. Own it*

I’m owning it, damnit. Hi, my name is Pin Lean and I’m a shopaholic. It has been 108 hours since I last shopped. Thank you! I know. It’s a difficult feat, but I’m clean for more than 24 hours! I made it. Today, I’m owning up to it. That I have a Compulsive Buying Disorder.

I know I have a chronic condition. Stop laughing, all you jokers out there. This isn’t funny. It’s very real, and it’s happening to me! My husband thinks I just love spending money and buying new things- which isn’t too far from the truth. But hey, I saw a Dr. Phil doppelganger and he told me that what I have is a REAL DISEASE!

No, a real disease. Stop laughing.

I’m to be treated with something called seratonin inhibitors- drugs. Ideally, I should be attending support groups. There are very few to be found in Malaysia.

I don’t want to be on drugs, hell no. To cure a “shopping” disorder. That’s plain stupid.

So to my friends out there, will you help me?

On another note, don’t you think these shoes look fab?