The Rescue

She was rescued by an Angel. He appeared before her in the form of a human, of the last person she ever saw before the Attempt, and even in his kind face, she saw resplendence and glory. He stood outside her door, a grave hint of a smile lining his face. Without knowing why she did what she did, she let him in.

Where had this Angel come from? She knew not.

He spoke gentle words to her, folded his Wings over her, enveloped her in warmth, comfort and love. She cried. As her tears fell onto his shoulders, they turned to crystalline drops, leaving a glistening sparkle on his checkered shirt.

He sat beside her in the growing darkness, his human hands warm on her waning shoulders, radiating peace and light. When he spoke, she heard her dead father’s voice. Did he send the Angel? Warm blood rushed through her body, a whoosh of mixed emotions- fear, shame, dread. She faltered, speaking the things in her heart that had never been uttered before. For the first time, Truth was her medicine. Deliverance was what she sought, and Deliverance had come. He listened quietly, spoke wise words that shook her core, unbalanced her nucleus. Saw herself for the very first time.

She looked into the Angel’s face, and saw no judgment. No torment. His love was unconditional, he took her as she was. He was her friend.

The Angel took her for flight. They caroused a park in the waning light of the moon and she spoke more to him. They ate pineapple sundaes. He had a burger. She smoked her cigarettes. They flew the neighbourhood, and her heart began to grow lighter. When he left her that night, he promised that he would never leave her. And she knew he spoke the truth. That he would come flying to her when she needed him. That he would watch over her and be her unconditional friend.

God had sent him to her.