Panic! At the Office

What a weekend it had been. This is what happens when a person who isn’t all too familiar with the workings of the www. and computers and information technology, attempts to foray into previously unchartered territories (by the aforesaid person).  Some people are like a sponge, they soak up new information and knowledge and store them away in some hard drive in their heads. Others, like me, need to be prompted and led like a child being taught his/her ABCs.

Over the weekend, I decided to do the brilliant thing of signing up for an independent web host (other than the one that was hosting my domain name) because (get this!) I thought it was too restrictive and I wanted to be able to do more things with my blog. Hahaha. Anyone who knows my level of competency when it comes to the computer will laugh at me. My husband thinks of my computer literacy as nothing more than “basic”, and he was kind. He thinks I’m dumb enough not to know how to upload music files into a MP3 player. Of all the nerve! But most people forget that I can read instructions. Sometimes, I may not comprehend fully what those instructions point to (before the weekend, I had no idea what FTP was, didn’t know how to locate my SQL, and certainly needed to do a lot of browsing to locate my API key). I was proud that I knew how to transfer my domain to a new host (piece of cake!), change the name servers, etc. Remember, this is all elementary for techies, but for me, it was a great achievement. Like achieving the Nobel peace prize or something to that effect.

I have faith in information technology. I was certain that there was no way I’d lose the content on my old blog if I switched to a new host. This is, after all, the information age! Anything is possible. No?

This morning, though and up to a few hours ago, I logged on to my blog and found a blank WordPress page staring at me. My first thought was, “OK, perhaps I hit a typo“. And then it sank in: my blog was no longer my blog. It was a clean slate. The domain transfer had been successful. But what of my content? All those hours slaving away writing my entries? I felt my heartbeat quicken, and before I knew it, I was breaking into a cold sweat, my palms were shaking and my heart threatened to burst from my chest: I tried all sorts of things, and nothing worked.

Desperate, I called Blue Host in the US (thank God for excellent 24/7 customer service). A pleasant voiced man named Jason spoke to me. My first words were, “Hi! I’ve lost all the content from my blog when I signed up!” I think he wanted to snigger at me, thinking, “Stupid woman“. But he didn’t. And he explained that I needed to transfer the content from my previous blog into my new one. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Is that all, I remember asking. How silly I was to assume that my new hosting company would automatically transfer my content for me. He gave me brief instructions on how to do it, and I was too embarassed to ask him more, so I decided to give it a shot first.

I’m impulsive. When I do something and it doesn’t produce the results I want, I panic. I lash out before I think. I blindly sent Blue Host an email ticket, telling them that I had done all that needed to be done but help! Nothing’s happening.

After lunch, I decided to let things be. Maybe it needed some time before it would all show? I don’t know. I had no idea what I was going to do. However, prompted by a sudden flash of brilliance, I did what I should’ve done in the first place. I logged on as an administrator into my domain. And blessed is the day, it worked. And I’ve managed to restore my blog. 

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons from this experience:-

  1. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Meaning, I should’ve just stuck to my old hosting company. And not let my fingers do the walking. And pay an extra US$95.40 per year for that. Having said that, though, I’m glad I did, because now I can do a lot of more things with my blog!

  2. Think before doing anything. Yes, I was quite thoughtless. I only saw the end result in my mind, and not what I had to do to achieve that. As a result, I was sorely disappointed when things didn’t work my way.

  3. Ask for help when in doubt. I’m lucky that I have a friend like SL, who was willing not only to explain things to me over the phone, but to also come over to my house on a Saturday afternoon, lugging her adorable son, Gavin, along, to help me with my problems! SL is like tech support, she’s brilliant and smart, and can troubleshoot immediately!

  4. Learn before embarking into unknown territories. Yup, this whole experience reeks of impulse, desperation and lack of judgment. I must make a conscious effort to read up on things instead of breezing through them with my speed reading abilities! I was so focused on wanting to get things done, that I failed to appreciate the journey, and how much it would benefit me by learning something new.

Sophea T. Amari


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[…] Let me share a brief folly of mine with you, a folly caused of my wanderings into unchartered regions- the information technology area and all things connected thereto. Last week, I thought that it would be great to have my own domain name and own domain host. Big ideals for a little person. I had an inkling how I would go about it: after all, the Internet is almost endless when it comes to information and knowledge. I knew I’d find some instructions on how to go about my task. The full account of my experience is recounted here. […]


Oh my goodness, I’ll probably panic if anyone calls me for help on techie stuff! Hahaha. Actually, the reason why it worked was because I went back to one of your suggestions (which I had tried earlier and didn’t work) but miraculously, it did later. Haha.


*blush* You’re too kind with your words. I honestly don’t know that much more than you – just happened to go through it before you did.

Besides, I didn’t really show you anything – you worked it all out yourself. Great job! Now I know who to call if I need help ;o)


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