From the horse’s mouth

Does she know? It has been over a week. I was terribly ill then. She took care of me for the first few days of my illness. No stress. No indulgent or useless conversation. No pollution. No fiery, spicy food. Warm water slowly seeping into my insides. I felt loved. She allowed me to rest. But it has been almost 7 days since I was ill. I felt my strength returning to me over the weekend. But it was shortlived. She returned to her old ways. Cavorting, laughing loudly, cheering like a mad woman. Living a wanton life. And I was filled with the forbidden spices that she so loved. Oh, she knew. She is a cunning woman, that she is. She told me, “Fight fire with fire!” She forgets that I am weak, that she controls my very being. And that if she expects me to fight fire, she must expect a fire. Does she know what she is in for? Today, I think she realizes the pain and suffering I endure to keep her happy. She touches me thoughtfully every now and then.┬áThis time, I cannot help her.