Take Me Out

If I was bold enough

I would follow you forever

But darling please, rescue me

Take me out

Some may say

It’s my fate

Am I just in time or

Or am I late

If you can understand

Then take me out

I don’t start, I don’t end

I don’t change on my own

Take me out

I don’t lose, I don’t win

I don’t do well alone

Love is what we make it

Take my heart and break it

Take me out

I don’t wanna stay home

You make me dread

You make me sweat

But can you make love mean something instead

Something real, to make me feel

I don’t wanna stay here

I don’t wanna live half my life and disappear

So if you wanna take chances

Take a chance on me

And take me out


He said to me, listen to these lyrics by Atomic Tom- it’s a fantastic song. A surprise parcel containing a mix CD, two rattan stars in a Banana Republic perfume box (a private theory between us) and a love note (these songs help me find the words to tell you how I feel about you, how truly amazing I think you are). And so I responded accordingly: Follow me forever. I will rescue you. I will take you out. Yes, it’s your fate. You are just in time, Boo, not too late. I can understand. I won’t let you change on your own. I won’t let you be alone. If Love is what we make it, then I’ll take your heart but I won’t break it. I’ll take you out, don’t stay home. You make me dread and sweat too. Yes, I can make love mean something instead, something real, to make you feel. I’ll take chances, and yes, I’ll take a chance on you.

But in the end… it wasn’t me that took him out. It was him that did so. Take me out. Like Afghanistan, I was demolished, shattered and left alone, war-torn, famished, hungry, losing hope in this crazy world that I had come to love.