Eternal Mystery #352

I was jealous but didn’t want to say so

I’ve not been anything but scorching hot

Soared, with passions all aflame

But when I saw Her,

To tepid. Then to cool again.

I was jealous

Watching her lean towards him

I felt a tiny, tingling “ping”

Like a string stretched taut to my thighs

Then plucked

A tiny spasm-

Nothing like an orgasm-

Or like being fucked.

A sudden intake of breath

Shivering, quicering

Disgust and hurt-delivering

Ache-making, back-breaking

Exploding and earthquaking

North to South Pole shaking

Back-arching, no faking-

A deep breath.

It was like this as I recall

Registering on Richter

Rippling off the Equator

And when his face lit up, a smile

The thrill that he, I knew before

Has come into my life once more

Same eyes of smoky black (or grey or brown)

The ready smile (or steady frown)

Same sense of fun and bonhomie

That air of curiosity

The savoir-faire (of wide renown)

The heady kiss (the bedding down)

It is not true, as I have told

Our love blows hot, and then blows cold

For as she looks into his eyes

And see what I myself have loved

I know she wants him. She will try.

Perhaps he favours me no more

Though his claims of eternal love can grow

For, if he did, and I believe

He would have told her who I was

Despite liking things in moderation

Could he not forgo her adoration?

I don’t ever want to dance

Only to jump from this prison of circumstance

I want to smoke until I’m out

Until my lungs feel like I’m a drough.

How is it you can give yourself

Ever so much pain

Ever knowing he may never love the same?

The tissues are always out of reach

I’m crying tears I should not breach

I was jealous

But didn’t want to say so

Perhaps it’s time I let him go.