“The best Christmas of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another” ~ Unknown author

My dearest E.,

I know it seems strange to be writing about Christmas in January – but I didn’t have the time to write about Christmas during Christmas. I had so many things in my head that I wanted to tell you about Christmas then. I’ve seemed to have forgotten what it was I wanted to write about. But it would be a folly to not have written anything at all!

Christmas last year (December 2006) was wonderful. Like always. The only difference was: we had you to celebrate the joy and festivities with us. Of course, you also celebrated Christmas of 2005 with us, but you were such a tiny babe then, I wonder if you remember it. But last year, it was special. You turned 14 months on Christmas Day. Visibly touched by the beautiful Christmas tree and bright lights, dancing to Christmas songs/carols, unwrapping your gaily-wrapped presents- you, the angel. Spent all day playing with Grandpa Joe, giggling and laughing with Maya & Leia. Whilst I slaved away cooking Christmas Supper: Shepherd’s Pie and Devil Curry.

You enjoyed your time with our family. At Grandpa Joe’s house. A small little family- Grandpa Joe and Aunt Joanne; the three of us; Uncles James & his family; and Uncle Jerry. Small and sweet. Christmas Eve had us all staying up late for supper and long talks and drinks into the wee hours of the dawn. Watching Christmas specials on TV. Your father and Grandpa Joe went for midnight mass at the church on Christmas Eve, and upon returning, we tucked into our piping hot Christmas supper. Shepherd’s Pie, Devil Curry, Luncheon Meat Stew and Beef Rendang, with lots of warm soft bread rolls. What a riot.

Your presents filled the bottom of the Christmas tree. You had lots.

I settled down to sleep early Christmas morning, with you in Grandpa Joe’s bedrooom. We lay together side by side on the bed, mother and daughter. I stroked your fine baby hair, kissed your cherub cheeks. And thanked God yet again that you were mine.