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About the Author

* Former semi-famous folk-rock star, turned lawyer, turned lecturer of laws (yawn…!) + Moshmummy +aspiring writer + beading enthusiast. * Completely defined by a little girl named E.S.E. * Believes in love at first sight. * Entranced by the idea of vampires & mythical creatures. * Loves Edward Cullen to death and wants to be married to him, immortalized forever. * Girl-at-heart. * Secretly wants to have flaming red hair. * Bookish & a little geeky.  * Devours books by the truckloads. * Speed-reader. * 9 tattoos (and counting!).  * Ugly nails and stubby fingers. * Polytheistic. * Loves Gucci & Louis Vuitton bags. * Karma devotee. * Spiritual seeker. * Firm believer of mind-and-body rejuvenation. * Lives for yoga. * Longs to escape to pristine white beaches, azure blue seas & spotless skies dotted with cotton-wool clouds. * Daddy’s Girl. * Filial daughter, dutiful wife & devoted mother. * Loves being pregnant and in labour. * Has a sailor’s tongue. * Adores Clarins’ Joli Rouge in Plum.  *Musically-inclined: hell yeah. *Jewelry-maker/designer. * Selective bitchiness. *Control freak. * Clever fool & stupid genius. * Thankful for Life and Living. *Hell Yeah.