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Sophea T. Amari

The Fiver Meme

Got this meme from my colleague, EC. 5 things you have in your bag right now OK, so I have one helluva huge handbag. Believe me, I’ve drifted through using my huge leather Aigner carry-all, but it got so heavy that I stopped using it because I was afraid of breaking the straps. Then it …

Sophea T. Amari

The Threesome Meme

Here’s another meme I got from EC, my colleague, who is also fast-becoming one of my girlfriends…This meme is also going to be rather embarassing for me, but what the heck! 3 things that your friends would immediately associate with you Control freak-ism (is there such a word?): Yes, I’m a control freak in many ways. …

Sophea T. Amari


I’ve been meme’d by the latest addition to my work place, EC. Here goes… 4 jobs I’ve had in my life Cybercafe attendant: you know, the people who stand behind a counter and take your money and tell you which PC to use. I was to be paid a generous (blah!) sum of RM5.00 per hour. After …