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Sophea T. Amari

Breaking the Waves

When I come home And walk the streets of ghostliness Dreaming concise To see the light Never again from this charade I play alone Hooked on some Mary Jane and deep red wine You followed me down tonight Close the secrets that lie Chorus: Breaking the waves in the maze of my old enemies Truly …

Sophea T. Amari


Musician’s note: A fictitious piece about secret lovers. Whisper with your fingers On the strings, your Stratocaster Tastes like mead upon my lips Walking like a willow through the leaves I long to steal a tempered kiss Upon my lips Bridge 1: Now the day has turned into the night Silent longing has filled me …

Sophea T. Amari


Musician’s note: After I got it on with a beautiful man named Michael many, many years ago, I wrote this song for the heck of it after I found out he was a jerk. Affirmation, physical attraction Seems so much more And what is it for? I’m a harlot, you’re the buyer Stripping me bare …