Month: January 2014

Sophea T. Amari

Is that alright with you?

If I gave you my Heart, dripping with dark Love If I flushed out my Shame, awkward with Crime If I begged for your Grace, breaking with Bad If I loaded my Glock, pulsing with Poison If I trashed your place, lie with the Waste Is that alright with you?

Sophea T. Amari

Fleur Cinematic

Fleetingly, frolicking in the light of the final flatfoots Fleur-de-lys flipping ‘neath your fixated frown Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, fumes the giant hungry for Englishmen Your flushed ferrels flummoxed but Free.  

Sophea T. Amari


Bebop, you who challenged my soul, changed my world Far from this levitious crowd and tormented bold Where words are pearls and your life is gold. Like Primo Levi’s survival in Auschwitz Who flipped this path? I’m a melancholic witch Razing this Earth, recognizing, you, my glitch.