Writing Project: Chapter 10

They scrambled to hide behind a thick bush, the dancing girl had now stopped dancing and was crouched quietly beside her. She was panting, out of breath and looked at the girl, who was strangely calm and didn’t appear the least bit fazed. 

Why are we hiding?” she whispered. She felt a light touch on her cheek, an insect,  and waved her hand over her face. A glowing red insect with a transparent body flew into the air. 

She cannot see through what used to be green”, the girl responded in hushed tones. “You must be quiet, cow-girl. Please.” 

A sudden howl, like a crazy banshee, broke through the silence of the forest. It was a terrifying sound, which sent shivers through her body. What was this world she had found herself in? The howl traveled and reverberated through the leaves, the air. For a minute, the howl was all the sound that was. And then- silence once more.  We are safe- for now,” the girl said at last. The girl turned to look at her. “Do not be afraid, cow-girl. I will help you.” Why are you helping me? Who are you?” 

I was once cow-girl. Before you arrived.”