Writing Project: Chapter 12

The words “no escape” presented to her a bleak and dreary existence. She could not fathom having to spend the rest of her life in this strange world. She missed her brother, her life, what she used to be. Here, she was the hunted, with no knowledge of the events that led her here. If she had known this was going to happen, if she had not dreamed that strange dream two nights ago…Did she dream that two nights ago? Or did the notion of space and time disintegrate in this world as well? Too many questions.

No escape?” she repeated, her eyes large with despair. “How does she take us from our dreams?”

The girl shook her head vigorously. “I don’t know. It’s all magic. There is no escape. Unless the Prophecy comes true…..” her voice trailed off uncertainly.

What prophecy? Tell me, please!” she pleaded.

I have said too much.” The girl turned away and started pirouetting on the spot. “You are safe now, cow-girl. The cows are tucked away where they should be. I must go.” 

Waving to her, she gracefully executed her body into arabesque, then scuttled off on her red shoes, disappearing between the trees.