Writing Project: Chapter 14

He never stopped running. In the distance, he could hear the quick sounds of an impending chase: intelligible shouts. He imagined the fierce guards, brandishing their clubs, wielding heavy, fire torches. He remembered the look on the old man’s face: he looked, for once, old and extremely human. An involuntary sense of pity had flooded his heart moments before he decided to escape.

He sought refuge in a small, cave-like structure hid beneath the brush, stumbling upon it by accident. As he sat in there, his panting stilled to a slow steady rhythm of breath. His back was hurting, a burning sensation that made the hairs on his body stand up. He could feel the serpent writhing in pain. He had to get help! His sister.

She was the only one who could help him- and the serpent. He had to find her. He knew that she was alive, frightened. Somewhere.

He forced himself to calm down, muttering a silent prayer under his breath. He closed his eyes, settling into a position of comfort. Drawing up the remaining positive vibrations of energy in his body, his mind drifted in an endless spiel.

Quietly now, and her mind would hear his.