When I bought my Sony Ericsson mobile phone six months ago, I was excited because finally, I was going to get a Bluetooth headset with it. No more silly hands-free units with dangly wires and bits that get caught in your ear-ringsĀ  or tangles with your seat belt while you’re driving. Just a nifty little gadget that fits into your ear perfectly.

But I’m also a cheapskate. Most of the headsets I saw cost over 300 dollars. I wanted a Sony Ericsson one as well, naturally, to match my phone. I had spent money on a new 1GB memory card and didn’t fancy spending too much on a headset which I was only going to use while driving. But I finally found one for 90 bucks, ugly as it was in green and white. It was also a Sony Ericsson, but a less sophisticated one, and clearly old stock. It’d serve the purpose it was designed for.

It did for a while. Then I got lazy and forgot to charge it. Now it’s sitting unused in the glove compartment of my car, and I’ve reverted to talking on the mobile phone with one hand on the steering wheel. I’m terrible, I know. I’m only glad I didn’t spend more on it.