Making it

She looked at herself quickly in her mirror, smoothing out her cream-coloured blouse and floral peasant skirt. 15 dollars from the local discount store, that outfit. Her smile was radiant, stretching from cheek to cheek, and the feeling of happiness in her heart threatened to burst out from her chest. She still couldn’t believe it, that she had been chosen. That she was going to be rich, set for life. She pinched herself several times again, hard, to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming. She wasn’t. She grinned at her reflection and hugged herself again, hardly able to believe her good luck.

Now she could move out of this dingy apartment and not struggle to pay her rent every month. She could move to a better neighbourhood, buy a house even! No need for her to endure the late nights working at the diner anymore, surviving on a meager salary and laughable tips that came with the requisite bum-pinching, sexual jokes and such. No need for shopping at the discount stores and balking at the price of a 20-dollar denim skirt.

She had it made.

As she fixed a necklace on her neck, one which she had made herself from cheap beads and a bunch of glass stones she had found thrown away in the trash, she knew that her lifelong dream of opening her own store, selling her designer inspired jewelry, would become a reality very soon. She was talented, she knew that. Pretty soon, she hoped that even celebrities themselves would go crazy over her jewelry.

She put on matching bead ear-rings, quickly swiped cheap lipstick over her mouth. Smiled at her reflection again. Grabbed her purse and walked out of her apartment, her heart beating loudly, her steps jaunty and happy, anticipation flooding her as she went to collect her lottery winnings.