The Plumber

His sink was busted again. He had no idea how to fix it. His life was truly going downhill. He had come out a few months ago, to his parents, guns all-blazing. His mother had handled the whole thing badly. His father looked sad. Only his brother supported his decision. He had quit his job. He was now jobless, looking for the one thing that would make him happy. But he did not dare to pursue it. His parents would be shamed if their eldest son had ended up as a drag queen. But did that matter? It was what he wanted to do.

So he wasn’t altogether good-looking- but he had a wonderful physique and a charming personality. A smooth voice, mellow-spoken and very well-groomed, he had broken his share of young (and old) hearts, both of the same and opposite sex. But he was tired of it all. He wanted to settle down, wake up beside someone whom he’d kiss the first thing in the morning, bitter breath notwithstanding.

He had broken up with his partner of 5 years two weeks ago. He had been heartbroken. Sometimes when he walked the streets, he imagined seeing Tom’s auburn head bobbing between the crowds of people on the avenue. His life seemed to pass him by. There was nothing without Tom.

He dialed a number in the Yellow Pages, asking for a plumber. He was asked by the polite lady on the phone if he wanted to try their latest product, Delta faucets. He said, no, but I want a husband. I want to be loved. I want to get my sink fixed. Is that too much to ask for?

A long silence. It always came to this when he opened his heart.