It was done. His mind was made up. His heart pounded as he let himself into his house, the matrimonial home he and Laura had shared for the past 15 years. Was this wise? He didn’t care. All he knew, was that he was in love with Peta.

He had fallen in love with her the first time he set eyes on her in the tex-mex restaurant where she worked. So what if she had to return to Mexico? He’d follow her his whole life if he could be beside her. He could hardly believe that she loved him back. And when she allowed him to take her, in the quiet small apartment that she lived in, a week ago, after 2 months of eye-contact in the restaurant, a few dates and moonlit walks by the quay, he knew that this was the woman he loved most in his life. She was soft and gentle, her body perfectly rounded, with silky curves and olive breasts. And that sheet of black silky hair swinging over her shoulders. He wanted to cry when they made love.

Laura? Well, he supposed he had been wrong. He had not met Peta yet then, 15 years ago. 

He hurriedly raced up to their bedroom, perfectly made as always. Laura was probably in the gym, working out as she did everyday so that she could maintain her already bronzed, super fit size 2 frame. She was beautiful in her own way, of course, but she was also hard, her body athletic and muscled. After 5 years of failed fertility treatments, they drifted apart, the one common desire between them, a child, left unsatiated. But Peta, with her swelling hips and curvy body, he knew she would give him a dark-eyed angel in an instant. A little olive-skinned angel who would look like her, with her deep dark eyes and beautiful black hair.

He dragged shirts and pants off their hangers, threw handfuls of socks and underwear, jeans and t-shirts, onto the bed. Their luggage sets were ridiculously feminine, though. Laura had bought a whole set in splashy tropical colours: purple, cerulean, hot pink. But he didn’t care. All he wanted was to pack his things up and walk out of his marriage.

Peta. His eyes glazed over as he threw his things into the suitcases. Not long now. Not long now.