There must be more to life…

…..than loafing around, drinking beer every night with your male buddies, and making the appropriate wolf whistles to pretty young girls. You want them to think you’re macho, even though you have more respect for girls than that.

…..than spending loads of money on your car and buying up every kind of Dodge Charger accessories there are out there in the market. You need to keep up with the Joneses. Your car’s gotta be hotter than your neighbour’s.

…..than going to college and hitting the books, but know that you’ll never want to be the accountant your father wants you to be, or the economist like your uncle that your mother hopes you will emulate. You want to travel the world and spend a year in Provence in a vineyard.

…..than having sex with random college girls gone wild and flitting from meaningless experience after meaningless experience (and perhaps, impregnating some unsuspecting sorority sister). You want to respect girls, but the guys are going to call you a sissy if you don’t have sex with someone they set you up with.

…..than listening to angst-filled heavy metal music with crashing guitars and booming drums. They reverberate within the walls of your room and cause your parents to scream at you to please turn the music down, they’re trying to sleep.

…..than being what other people want you to be. This is your time, your life. And you will turn away, walk away, and be who you want to be.