Weighty issues

Women have it bad. We’re constantly under pressure to look good, stay slim and be super-moms our entire life. And in this day and age, to have a successful career as well. I am no exception. Work has been good to me, we’re comfortable and surviving in this tough world. I think I’m a great mother. But I’ve struggled since the birth of my daughter to get back into shape, back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size, and I’ve failed on all counts in that area. I’m still 35 kgs overweight and it’s getting to be very frustrating. 2 1/2 years of “fat” clothes. 2 1/2 years of mockery, horror and what the fuck happened to you.

But I have a personal weight management coach now and she’s great. I’ve lost 2 kgs in the past month. It’s slow, but sure, I hope. I’m tempted to try Orovo but have been told to try to lose weight old-school style: proper dietary habits, moderate exercise and plenty of water. And lots of rest when I can afford it, because stress and over-working tricks your body into thinking that it needs more than it actually does. And finally, when I do lose weight, Hubs and I can start trying for our 2nd baby. I’ll probably have to go through this tortorous hell of losing weight after that happens, but it’s worth it, I’m sure.

I know I’ll just have to stay positive and give it my all this time.