They clinked glasses and smiled at each other. After all that heartache, screaming and pain, they could now finally look straight into each other’s eyes and be friends. The assets were split amicably, the house was going to be sold and they would share the proceeds 50-50. She touched his face, and for a split second, there was that old longing, and he was tempted to kiss her and say, let’s forget this whole crazy thing.

But the moment passed. It was too late, anyway. The papers were signed, the decree final. Thankfully, there were no children. He held her hand for a long while, and then they smiled at each other again, taking sips of the wine.

“So…they’ll be here soon,” he said brightly. “You did send out the party invitations 2 weeks ago, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” she beamed. “Don’t worry about that! We’re going to have one hell of a party tonight.”

He smiled wistfully. “Isn’t it funny that we’re throwing a party to celebrate our divorce? Our parting of ways?”

“A little,” she replied. “But we knew this was for the best.”

“Of course.”

And they left it at that.