So there she was, with her worldly possessions, out on the street, thrown out by her landlord. 2 suitcases, a lamp, a box of books and a paper bag with some odds and ends. She felt strangely liberated. Not knowing what was going to happen to her. She had no idea where she’d stay that night, and although she worried about it earlier in the day, she didn’t worry about it now.

It was getting cold, so she pulled her coat closer around her body. Whistlieng, she left her things by the sidewalk and walked across the street to the diner, just to get a cup of coffee.

It was warm and toasty inside. Maybe she’d sleep here, since it was an all-nighter kind of diner. Her eyes scanned the message board as she sipped her hot coffee. Ads. Wanted: sex. Wanted: girlfriend who could cook and drive a 4WD. Wanted: a room-mate. Her eyes stopped and stared. When she saw the rental price, she faltered, and continued looking. Wanted: clerk basic typing skills pleasant personality ability to interact with people office space Connecticut we pay for your travel here if you meet our requirements call jonathan 5554102. She marvelled that this ad was devoid of punctuation. Who cared anyway? The message got across.

She scribbled the number down. Folded the piece of paper into her jeans pocket. Walked across the street and slowly lugged her things into the dinner, then settled down for the night. Order 2 more hot coffees.

Her life had begun.