He said to me, over the phone (his English was atrocious): “Let me check first and then will corr you back lah, I need to double kong-firm.”

“You what?”

“Double kong-firm. Double check lah. Make sure can do first lor.”

“I see. Is that going to be a problem?”

“Nolah, no probrem wan. Just need to be safe lor. Because I am directbuy from manufacturer mah, must make sure I get all the warranty from him first lah. But can wan lah, trust me. I don’t cheat you wan lah.”

“I need to know that the goods are authentic.”

“Oten what?”

I paused. “Real. Not fake.”

“OH! Sure real wan lah, no ciplak or imitation good. Lai that what for I go into this biss-ness? I also lose money, cannot cannot!”

“Maybe I should buy it directly from the manufacturer, from the factory,” I mused.

“No no need! I help you, you help me lah. I will be middle man here.”

I guess I understood what he was trying to say. I only wanted to buy a table for my living room. He takes his job seriously. But then again, if he didn’t, I should be very worried indeed.