Get strong

She couldn’t pay the bills. The house was too big to upkeep without hired help. She defaulted on the hire-purchase payments for the cars. When she went to work everyday at the bank, where she was a cashier, she didn’t know where to look everytime she saw the manager. The bank, they helped her. Great mortgage loan. Decent hire purchase interest rates. They were proud of her. It helped that her husband was a respected businessman. When he died, though, nasty shocks had been in store for her. He left her virtually nothing, but the debts in his name. They passed on to her. Tried her best. Stayed home more often. Pretty soon, her friends stopped calling because they knew she couldn’t afford to have their usual girly suppers and high teas. She took a second part-time job. Waitressing in a bar from 10 pm until 3 am, closing time. A few hours’ sleep, and then it was back to the bank at 8 a.m. She felt like her world has crashed. She heard her colleagues talking about her, her house. Something about her defaulting on the home loan payments. She needed to get foreclosure help. And fast…Thumbed through the yellow pages to look for a lawyer. Didn’t know if she could afford one. But she had to try. The house was all she had. The house was all that was left of their love. Their lives together.