Summer Romance

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of Romance. It wasn’t until I was much older did I realize that Romance came in many, many forms. Last year, I faced the end of Romance. The kind of Romance that I had dreamt about as a child. But with the end of that Romance, I discovered something new.

This summer. I think I will have a Summer Romance. And I don’t mean the kind of romance between a man and woman. I mean- the kind of Romance that one discovers by embracing solitude, nature and herself.

This summer. I will fall in love at Inis Mor.

The spectacular aerial view of Dun Aengus (sometimes referred to as the Dun Aonghasa fort) in Inis Mor. Now THIS- this is what I’ve dreamed of for a long time

Scenes from quiet village life in Inis Mor

Lazy cattle enjoying an early morning stroll in Kilronan Village, Inis Mor

The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. Not Inis Mor- but certainly on my travel route this summer.

And then, perhaps Romance may also be found in the little lanes of Dublin town, that eclectic mix of modernity and history, this youthful repast captured in stone, all holding a story waiting to be told. Romance in old books, Dante’s Divine Comedy, a pint of Guinness at an ancient old pub.

The Old Library at Dublin’s historic Trinity College. If only I could even glimpse that first edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy kept here!

Nothing like a pint of ol’ Guinness to warm the belly and cockles of the heart

Vibrant pubs in Dublin

The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin, dubbed to be the oldest pub in Ireland (estd. 1198)

Already, I am in love and Summer is months away.

*All photos from National Geographic. No copyright infringement is intended.

Sophea T. Amari

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You really have a nice trip in front of you. I KNOW you will find something (perhaps someone) you will always keep in your memories and your heart. But please, remember, bring WARM clothes!
Summer in Ireland is not like you know your climate. There always is wind (it is an island) and the Atlantic ocean – even in summer – has no more than 17-20°C, so the wind is a bit cooler than you will know.
Nevertheless, you will breath freely and you will feel freedom in your heart and soul. You will collect impressions different from what you know. As an open-minded person, you w i l l enjoy it.


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